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Chorus Typeface

About Chorus Typeface

In music Chorus means a collective effort to sing in unison. Harmony and uniformity are it’s key characteristics, the same has been integrated in this typeface. Every letterform has been designed so as to reflect harmony and uniformity when used together to form a letter, sentence or paragraph.

Chorus is a Sans Serif typeface with its distinct stylish features.
– Capital letters like B, D, P, R, etc. have a curved stroke (instead straight line) while joining stem.
– Letter K, k, and R have a similar disjoint point in the middle and stylish curve at the foot.
– Letter C and G has distinct horizontal cut at top as compared to other letters in typeface e.g. Letter S.
– Letter 2, 4, 7, Z and z have angular cut at joints.
– Letters like b, h, m, n and p have consistent stroke joint style with vertical stem.
– Letters like d and q have consistent stroke joint style with vertical stem.
– Letter g has distinct ear and loop counter.
– Ink traps in various letters at joints are designed such that they blend with the letter form at certain degree instead getting emphasized.

Chorus type family comes with 20 different weights combining 6 weights in Condensed width, 7 weights in Normal width and 7 weights in Expanded weights.

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