Face behind the typefaces


I am Aakash Soneri, the founder and principal designer at Soneritype, an independent digital type foundry based in Ahmedabad, India. I began my journey in type design in early 2007 and officially launched Soneritype on MyFonts.com with the Sone font family on April 21st, 2009. With nearly two decades of experience in the design industry, I have worked on a wide range of projects.

After completing my PG Diploma in Multimedia in 2002, I worked as a design lead with several IT companies. During this time, I had the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects, which included designing user interfaces (UI) for websites, web applications, and software.

Additionally, I was involved in creating logos, icons, stationery, typefaces, packaging, and other marketing and office materials for both the company and our clients. Being in a leadership role, I collaborated closely with other teams such as developers, SEO specialists, and marketing professionals, which greatly contributed to my knowledge and experience in the field.

During this period, I had the privilege of meeting the late Ret. Prof. Vitthal Varia, an esteemed professor from NID (National Institute of Design). He not only became my teacher but also a humble mentor and a wonderful friend. Under his guidance, I pursued my studies and worked on numerous professional projects and exhibitions.

Moreover, the VariaDDesign institute had the pleasure of hosting several senior designers as visiting faculty, which further enriched my vision and expanded my capabilities. The valuable insights and experiences gained from working with these accomplished designers are evident in my design work today.

The retail typefaces that I offer are the result of creative authenticity and meticulous craftsmanship. Many of these typefaces have been adopted by top global brands and creative agencies, showcasing their effectiveness and appeal.

Additionally, I am open to commissions for customizing typefaces. This includes designing completely new typefaces from scratch, as well as modifying existing/published typefaces or word marks. I am capable of making adjustments ranging from modifying a few characters to creating new styles or even entire character sets, such as Cyrillic or Greek. The possibilities are endless, and I’m ready to bring your unique vision to life through typography.

For queries related to purchasing a license of published typeface, please go through the license section before placing any queries.

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